Ti-Co Composite Squadron FL-267

Who are we and where do we meet? 
We are a composite Civil Air Patrol squadron consisting of Cadets and Senior Members.


We meet on Wednesdays 6-8pm at our squadron building near the above address. The GPS coordinates: 28°30'30.4"N 80°47'33.9"W... and an aerial photo will help you find us.

As you approach the yellow airport terminal building (Ralph Poppell Bldg), turn left to pass in front of the airport building towards a gated entry to the airport apron/hanger area. Our squadron building (circled) is located inside the airport fence line. A member from our squadron will be available to open the gate for you. If you arrive at or after 5:55pm, look to the right of the electronic keypad and press the freestanding doorbell. Someone will meet you at the gate and allow you entry. Please be patient, as we have our opening flag ceremony from 6pm – 6:15pm.