"Welcome to the U.S. Civil Air Patrol"




Albert Whitted Airport, St. Petersburg, Florida


 Civil Air Patrol's Three Primary Missions

* CAP Emergency Services - CAP's emergency services include air and ground search and rescue, disaster relief, and civil defense, as well as cooperation with and assistance to other emergency services agencies.

* Aerospace Education - CAP's aerospace education programs provide CAP members and the educational community information about aviation and space activities.

* Cadet Programs - CAP's cadet programs are designed to inspire the country's youth to become leaders and good American citizens through their 


The U.S. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was established 1 December 1941 and is a private, nonprofit organization and incorporated by the United States Congress on 1 July 1946. The Pinellas Senior Squadron is comprised of senior members (adults) in contrast to the many Cadet and Composite squadrons that have adults as well as youth.

The CAP is perhaps best known for its Search and Rescue (SAR) Missions. CAP flies more than 85% of all federal inland SAR missions directed by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC).

Civil Air Patrol aircrews hone their excellent piloting skills through numerous missions.
Over the years, CAP aircrews:
+ have provided assistance to numerous boaters in need.
+ have been tasked by the U. S. Air Force and other agencies for special missions.
Other emergency services missions can include:
+ transporting medical technicians,
+ transporting lifesaving medicines and human organs for transplant.
When disaster strikes, such as a hurricane:
+ CAP provides emergency communication systems and
+ gathers vital information for emergency management through
++ aerial reconnaissance (i.e. Aerial Photography), and
++ ground reconnaissance.