Honor Guard

Honor Guardsmen are "Ambassadors for Civil Air Patrol.” It is their duty to assist in recruiting and retention, to assist in making this a drug-free universe by supporting the Drug Demand Reduction Program, to assist any ceremonies, to present the colors when the unit color guard is not available, and to assist in funerals when requested.  To be part of the Unit Honor Guard, members must have high standards in appearance, education, conduct; and aptitude for ceremonial duty, professionalism;  and the will to make a difference to the future of America.

The squadron's Honor Guard Officer is 2d Lt Cesar Alayon.  If you wish to have the squadron Honor Guard perform at an event, please contact 2d Lt Alayon at calayon@mail.usf.edu

Wesley Chapel Honor Guard Members
C/Ramer C
C/Ramer M
C/ Villaseñor



I am constantly driven to excel by a strong sense of dedication, patriotism, love for my fellow man, God, Country, and CAP.





I am superbly conditioned to perfect all movements in every drill or ceremony



My Standards of Conduct and high level of professionalism show the respect for and dedication to my craft and those with whom I serve.