Flight Operations

WMIRS 2.0 - Web Mission Information Reporting System
ICS201 Training Sortie Template - Training Sortie Template for ICS201 missions in the Pensacola Area
Radio Communication Refresher - Refresher on proper radio communications

Flight Planning

Florida TFRs - Florida based Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs)
See and Avoid - Avoid midair collisions through proper flight planning and flight safety
SkyVector - Free online flight planning
iFlightPlanner - Free online flight planning
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
CAP Flight Log - Kneeboard sized flight log for record and clearance recording
SER-FL-434 Weight & Balance Spreadsheet - FLWG Group 1 aircraft weight & balance spreadsheet
FLWG Fltplan.com Weight & Balance Tutorial - Using Fltplan.com to calulate weight & balance for all FLWG aircraft

ES Training

Mission Scanner (MS) Ground Training - Open to all Level 1/GES qualified CAP members
Airborne Photographer (AP) Ground Training - Open to all Mission Scanner (MS) qualified CAP members
ICUT Evaluation - FY18Q1 - Open to all CAP members requiring qualification