Duty Positions Available

General Duty Definitions

It is important to remember in CAP that there are two "categories" of jobs or duty assignments. We categorize into two groups: Staff Duty and Operations Qualifications. Staff Duty is your "job" for the squadron. This may be administrative officer, public affairs officer, cadet programs officer, etc. These positions ensure that the squadron is able to function as a unit and can therefore perform the missions of Civil Air Patrol. Operations Qualifications are the qualifications you may attain that allow you to perform in various capacities in the operational environment. Examples of these positions include mission pilots, observers, scanners, ground team members, radio operators, etc. Anyone, regardless of their staff duty assignment, may train towards any operation qualification (assuming you meet and specific prerequisites). Remember this concept when deciding what you want to do to give back to the squadron. Your staff duty job does not prevent you from training and qualifying in any operation qualification that you desire to train in.

Operations Qualifications

Because our operations training is available to anyone, we do not advertise specific duty position availability. We are always in search of pilots and anyone with a desire to serve as aircrew members as well as those who want to assist in ground teams performing the numerous ground based missions Civil Air Patrol supports. The unit emergency services officer can direct you to the appropriate path to obtaining the qualification or skill set in the operations arena that you seek.

Staff Duty Position Availability

Not all positions are advertised here. The positions listed below are those that are either vacant or being performed by a staff member with other duties assigned as well. If there is a specific duty you would like to pursue please let the commander know. This list is here to help you understand where the unit needs people the most. The amount of work that must be done to keep the squadron functioning doesn't change that much. If its divided among many people versus a few the workload is much more manageable. Thank you for your assistance and contributions to Eglin Composite Squadron!