Professional Development

Professional Development is the program whereby CAP develops its own leaders. It has five levels of progression, each ending with an award. That award, plus the specified time in grade, qualifies a member for promotion. The program operates parallel to specialties that a member picks as their method of contribution to the total CAP effort.

New members are required to complete Level I training before engaging in other activities. The last step in Level I is selection of a Specialty Track. This can be changed or added to later as the member gets involved in the Squadron's activities. The Specialty Track is usually the primary activity but most members have crossover activities. The new member will start training, either formal or on-the-job, in his/her Track and at the same time engage in whatever other activities they choose.

See complete details in CAPR 50-17

Links to professional development training:

Level I
Level II
Level III
Level IV
Level V

If you have any questions please contact your
Professional Development Officer.