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Fraud, Waste & Abuse
The Inspector General Program


Anyone who has a problem with a member of CAP ideally should try to resolve it at squadron level. Sometimes this is not possible, hence the necessity for an alternative method of resolution. If this is necessary, CAP has made it easy to contact the Inspector General confidentially. The links are available through this web page. See the table below.

Another purpose for the Inspector General program is to assist squadrons, groups, wings and regions in operating more effectively and economically by conducting inspections and requiring unit self inspections. If you would like to learn more about the Inspector General program, see the regulations CAPR 123-1, CAPR 123-2 and CAPR 123-3 at the web page address below.

Contacts, Information and Definitions
Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Website

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Fraud, Waste, & Abuse e-mail send email to:
Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Hotline Telephone number Call (877) 227-9142 and select option #4
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