Past Squadron News

[A summary by Lt Col Cynthia Dohm; newsletters collected by Maj Ron Gordon, our past Historian]

MICAP once published newsletters, which Ron Gordon saved, and we now have.  After perusing 11 newsletters, shown below are what I thought were interesting news items. 

January 1996:  MICAP’s 1993 Commander, Fritz Schaller, sells his house to Bob and Cindy Dohm. 


September 1996:  The Purple Martin Society requested that MICAP monitor the migration habits of the Purple Martin birds, in Collier County, by photographing their location and recording their estimated number.  Flocks of 10,000-15,000 gather and roost overnight.  The following day they fly to South America for the winter. 


September 1996:  Condee Electric installs electric power and repairs MICAP’s headquarters, a 54’ x 15 foot trailer at Marco Airport, free of charge. McDonalds feeds the entire crew who is setting up the new trailer.  Marriott donates 50 pounds of Turkish towel rags to use as a simulated downed aircraft during a SAREX.  Bumper sticker seen in Tampa:  "Do CAP a favor…Get Lost!!!!” 

October 1996:  Domino's Pizza and Island Café donate a 35mm Minolta camera to MICAP for the aircraft.  FLWG’s current Deputy Commander, Lt Col Luis Garcia, conducted the first National Check Pilot Standardization Course. 

November 1996:  Former Group 5 (was 8) Commander, Jim Spieth, starts a cadet squadron, Delta Flight, at the Middle School where he teaches Microsoft Excel. 

December 1996:  To make a search target for a MICAP SAREX, the Marriott donated 14 sheets, and Office Depot donated free paint.  MICAP negotiated for 1 ½ hours to place the target on an Indian Reservation.  On Veteran’s Day, November 11, MICAP performed 4 flyovers at the Marco Island blessing of 33 boats at Smokehouse Bay.  The Christmas pot luck dinner was held at the Marco Island YMCA.  MICAP sends FLWG $35/flight hour for maintenance and insurance. 

January 1997:  The location for the current MICAP hangar is chosen. 

April 1997:  Lt Col Charlie Dinsmoor, currently Naples Senior Squadron member, was Group 5 (was 8) Commander.  FLWG conference and banquet cost $50. 

May 1997:  MICAP Coastal patrol flights flown:  44.  Donations to MICAP:  Sailing Association of Marco Island $1000; Marco Island Women’s Club $500; and Sunrise Notary $500. 

June 1977:  CAP has 55,131 members; now 60,000. 

October 1997:  Ft Myers Coast Guard agrees to allow MICAP to initially contact them on Channel 21A instead of Channel 16. 

November 1997:  MICAP needs $30,000 to operate, flying a daily coastal patrol.  The aircraft flight log is required to remain IN the hangar, not the aircraft.  MICAP’s bank made an $.80 error on the monthly statement and awarded the Squadron $5 for the inconvenience.  Member statistics:  Naples Senior Squadron 70 (now 50); Naples Cadet Squadron 43 (now 55); Marco Island Senior Squadron 53 (now 51); and FLWG 3899 (now 3,487). 

The booklet of Newsletters is in the MICAP Personnel Office on the bookshelf.