Important Information

Membership Information

The Squadron Commanding Officer would be pleased to talk to you about joining our squadron.

Click here for a one page Fact Sheet on the Civil Air Patrol.
Or get our CAPabilities brochure.

A $200 contribution pays for a Patrol flight or a Search & Rescue flight,
or a Cadet/ROTC Orientation flight.
* Our Squadron is looking for volunteers to join our organization. We need members who enjoy the experience of helping to educate our youth and community and provide assistance to those in need of our services. Civil Air Patrol membership is voluntary and does not obligate you to join the Air Force.

* Senior Membership - Senior Members must be adults, 18 years of age or older. You do not need to be a pilot or even like to fly to be in Civil Air Patrol. CAP has ground teams and also positions in aircraft such as scanners and observers which do not require a pilot rating.
Get the application form and join us!


* Cadet Membership - We have a Cadet Squadron. Young men and women ages 12-18 or their parents are welcome to contact the commanding officer for more information about the Cadet Program. Or just get the application form and join us!


* How do I get information on CAP? - For information on how to join Civil Air Patrol or for other information about CAP, go to the CAP Joining page at JOIN CAP.