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Lt. Col. Fran Gleockler Flight Training Fund

The Lt. Col. Fran Gleockler Flight Training Fund was established in 2015 to assist eligible Civil Air Patrol cadet members of Group 5 in Florida Wing to complete private pilot practical skill training.  Currently, funds are only available for cadets that have completed their first solo flight.

Flight Training Fund Program

The program is for cadet members only.  All flight training covered by program funds must be completed in a CAP aircraft with a CAP flight instructor. 

The program funds are designated to cover the cost of aircraft maintenance fees paid to Florida Wing by the aircraft’s custodian unit for the student’s flights and does not include fuel costs.  The initial request may be approved for up to 20 hours of flight time.  *If the initial awarded hours are completed within 180 days, a second application for up to 10 hours may be made. 

Funding Request Criteria

Program applicants must:

1.   Submit a copy of completed FLWGF 11i Request for Member Flight Training along with a request for funds.  FLWGF11i requires approval of wing, group and unit commanders.

2.   Meet FAA regulations {14 CFR part 61 Subpart C} eligibility requirements for student pilots, possess a Class III medical certificate and student pilot certificate.  Documentation must be uploaded into Ops Qual on eServices and be available for verification by application committee.

3.  Have completed a solo flight in a powered aircraft.  Applicant will document flight with copy of logbook endorsement.

4.  Have attained the Billy Mitchell Award and be a current Group 5 CAP cadet member.

5.  Actively participate in cadet program through regular attendance and duty performance reflected by personnel records in eServices.

6.   Be enrolled in a full-time course of study during the academic year for which the funds are awarded and possess/maintain an academic and discipline standard acceptable to the school.

7.  *Complete the FAA Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Exam with a passing score before submitting a request for additional hours beyond initial award.

8.  Have not previously received this program’s award.  

9.  Submit request for funding from this program to Group 5 Headquarters.




·        Pilot Documents uploaded into Ops Qual (eServices)
·        Copy of Solo Flight logbook endorsement
·        Cadet Program participation activity uploaded into member records on eServices
·        Flight Training Plan


Flight Training Plan: Applicant should include a statement describing the flight-training plan (number of funded hours requested, name of home airfield, name of airplane’s custodian squadron, name of CFI, how often you will fly, when you will begin and end your training, etc.).

Letter of Recommendation (optional): Applicant may include one (1) letter of recommendation from a CAP Senior Member that has first-hand knowledge of your academic abilities, leadership and character. 

Resume (optional): Applicant may include a document in resume format, not longer than 2 pages, detailing any academic, community or CAP activities not addressed on this application.  Please include a statement about your future goals. Include any relevant aeronautical experiences, including those outside of CAP.

Other Information

Request Approval:Applicant will submit request for funding to Group 5 Commander along with supporting documents.  Applicant will be notified upon approval. Please allow up to three weeks for application process. Approval for funding requests is required prior to completing the flight. All flight hours must be completed within 12 calendar months of award approval date.  All unused hours will be forfeited.

Reimbursement: Reimbursement for aircraft expense is based on the Hobbs meter entry into WMIRS for each completed flight.  The aircraft’s custodian unit shall provide Group 5 HQ finance officer an invoice with breakdown of flight dates and times with total time and total dollar amount to be reimbursed.  A monthly or quarterly reimbursement schedule is recommended.  Group 5 HQ will submit invoice to FLWG Banker program for payment by check or internal transfer of funds.  Unit finance officer will coordinate payment schedule with Group 5 Headquarters.


The SPAATZ Award

The request must go through the chain of command and be recommended by all commanders. Attached are some helpful tips. They can all be found at:





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