VISION 2020 Strategic Planning Initiative 


The VISION 2020 Strategic Planning Initiative Steering Committee is tasked to create recommendations, establish goals and provide oversight for improving collaboration and communication among units in Florida Wing Group 5. The goals established by the committee are intended to guide unit-level and group-level annual planning and to assist unit management by leveraging available resources across Group 5. The committee will focus on each of Civil Air Patrol's three primary missions; Aerospace Education, Emergency Services and Cadet Programs. In addition, the committee may establish goals or recommendations for support functions such as professional development, public affairs, recruiting, etc.

Committee Membership

The unit commander from each squadron in Group 5 will be responsible for maintaining a designated unit representative on the ad hoc committee. The unit commander will provide the group commander with name and contact information of current designee within 20 days of designation. The committee will be formed no later than March 31, 2018 and will be disbanded no later than September 30, 2020. Designees should be an experienced CAP member that currently demonstrates strong leadership skills and a solid understanding of CAP policies. A designee is expected to serve on the committee for at least six months. The committee may choose to employ additional CAP members as subject matter experts as needed. Each designee will act as liaison between unit and the committee to ensure an effective two-way flow of information. The committee will typically convene on virtual-basis using electronic technology. The committee will convene a minimum of once per calendar quarter. It is reasonable to anticipate greater frequency of meetings, likely monthly, during early project stages.

Committee Member Responsibilities

The unit representative is expected to actively participate in fulfilling the committee's purpose both in the committee environment and at home unit. Designee will participate in fact-finding and decision-making surrounding committee topics and will need to employ leadership skills to generate understanding of the initiative efforts and foster cooperation with home unit staff and members. The designee will serve as a valuable conduit to deliver information to home unit members and provide an effective channel to deliver feedback to the committee.    

Committee Deliverables

The committee will deliver goals and recommendations aimed at enhancing collaboration and/or communication among units in Group 5.  Goals will be specific in description and quantifiable in order to measure the progress made within a specified period of time. The goals will be clearly defined to be actionable, reasonable to achieve based on available resources and relevant to regular CAP activity.  The committee will also generate recommendations and promote best-practices that support the purpose of the initiative. The committee will monitor the VISION 2020 strategic initiative activity, evaluate progress and modify any recommendation or goal as needed. The committee members will determine individual member roles, positions and committee procedures as part of the initiative activity.

Committee Member Recognition

Designees completing six months or more of active participation on the VISION 2020 Strategic Planning Initiative Steering Committee will be nominated for Civil Air Patrol's Achievement Award.

Contact Lt. Col. Jeff Carlson | | 941.228.4254 for more information


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