Cadet Programs

New Cadet Helpful Information

1. The Cadet Program Packet is an important package of helpful information. This resource package contains everything a new cadet will need to get started in the cadet program. There is a LIBRARY link at the bottom of the page HERE for cadets to download any study material that they lose or damage.

2. Another very helpful resource is the Personal Cadet Tracker and the Cadet Super Chart. These two charts can be used to track a cadet’s progress through the rank structure of CAP and to see what the requirements are to progress from stage to stage. Be sure to check these two documents out and save a copy on your computer for future reference.

3. The next useful page is the step by step Cadet Online Testing page. Here cadets can learn step by step what is required to be able to log onto the Civil Air Patrol website and conduct your own testing for progression to the next rank. This page will give you very basic instructions so you may want to print out a copy and keep it handy as you go online to complete your CAP tests.

Drill & Ceremonies

Color GuardAs part of their leadership education, cadets participate in drill and ceremonies. Drill is an excellent way to promote teamwork, build discipline, and develop an appreciation for Air Force traditions

The Civil Air Patrol website has a number of very useful resources for cadets interested in learning how to do drill and ceremony. Drill and ceremony is useful to any squadron that may be asked to stage a flag presentation at a baseball game, Memorial Day ceremony, wreath laying ceremony, and other patriotic rites. Drill and ceremony include flag presentation and drill team. Check out the CAP page HERE for slides, documents, and videos to help prepare you to join your squadron drill team. This is a very highly rewarding and satisfying activity. Most cadets involved in drill and ceremony enjoy it immensely.

DrillteamThe requirements of drill and ceremony including the practical tests can be found HERE. This handy and helpful book will guide you as you learn all of the required moves and rituals required to be a complete and well rounded drill team.

If you’d like to see some actual Civil Air Patrol flag and/or drill teams in action, hop on over to Youtube and search for Civil Air Patrol drill team. ENJOY!