The Safety Beacon is for informational purposes. Unit safety officers are encouraged to use the articles in the Beacon as topics for their monthly safety briefings and discussions. Members may also go to LMS, read the current Beacon, and take a quiz to receive credit for monthly safety education. Click on the Safety Beacon banner above to get to the current monthly issue.

Minimum Compliance For All Activities:

Required for All Members:

  • Intro to CAP Safety
  • Monthly Safety Education
  • Aircraft Ground Handling
  • Basic Safety
  • ORM Basic
  • EO
  • Wing Runner Test – if gliders present
  • Upload Photo into e-Services
  • Update Characteristics

Staff Members:

  • ORM Intermediate

Members over age 18 and Seniors:

  • CPPT

CAP Safety Vest    

ANSI compliant  – All  Safety Vests or Safety Apparel  worn by CAP members must meet the American National Standards Institute, Inc (ANSI) Class 2  or Class 3 requirements.

To ensure compliance with federal law, CAP members must comply with this anytime  duties exposed them to public vehicular traffic such as directing traffic, investigating crashes, handling lane closures, obstructed roadways and disasters within the  vehicle traffic lanes.

CAP Safety Pledge

As a Civil Air Patrol member I pledge to promote an uncompromising safety environment for myself and others, and to prevent the loss of, or damage to Civil Air Patrol assets entrusted to me.  I will perform all my activities in a professional and safe manner, and will hold myself accountable for my actions in all of our Missions for America.