Cadet Information


I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program,
and that I will attend meetings regularly,
participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers,
wear my uniform properly
and advance my education and training rapidly
to prepare myself to be of service
to my community, state, and nation.


"To assist cadets reach their full potential so they can become future leaders and developed dynamic Americans, through Education, Training, and Motivation." 

Honor Code: I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate among us anyone us who does.

CAP Motto: Semper Vigilans (Always Vigilant = The very ready status of the Civil Air Patrol, every member must be ready to respond to every situation.) 

Unit Charter Number: SER-FL-123 

SBCS Motto: Education, Training, Motivation

How many words in the Cadet Oath: 53

Where to look at position of attention: Infinity

What is the color of Infinity: Sky-blue Pink with a Purplish Hue

What are the 5 P's: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Define Leadership: Leadership is the process of influencing people to achieve a common objective, goal or mission.

ABCD's of Leadership: Abilities, Behavior, Characteristics, and Dynamics

4 Tenets of Leadership: Discipline, Integrity, Dedication, and Sensitivity

Define Followership: Reaching a specific goal while exercising respect for authority, a positive attitude, integrity and self-discipline.

Date CAP was founded: Dec 1, 1941

Wings in South East Region: FL, GA, TN, AL, PR, MS

Number of Regions: 8 (Southeast, Southwest, Great Lakes, Middle East, Northeast, North Central, Rocky Mountain, Pacific)

Number of Wings: 52 (one for each state, DC and PR)

CAP 3 Primary Missions: Cadet Programs, Aerospace Ed, Emergency Services

CAP National HQ: Maxwell Air Force Base, AL

Founder & First Executive Officer of CAP: Mr. Gill Robb Wilson

1st CAP National Commander: Maj. General John F. Curry