Aerospace Education


Aerospace EducationAerospace Education is one of the three mission elements of CAP, the other two being Cadet Programs and Emergency Services. The mission of AE is to educate, inspire, and instill an appreciation for and an understanding of aerospace in today and tomorrow's world. We promote aerospace to our members and the general public.

Aerospace Education teaches about aviation in all forms. Whether discussing the aerodynamics of aircraft lift and thrust to the Wright Brothers or the NASA Shuttle Missions, cadets as well as senior members (adults) learn about various aspects of aviation. Cadets also participate in orientation flights flown by trained CAP pilots in general aviation aircraft.

Aerospace For Cadets... 

Cadets have a mandatory aerospace education program. They must learn about aerospace education to progress in Civil Air Patrol.  Cadets must pass formal tests to progress in the achievement levels and in the awards system. Cadets are presented with aerospace education opportunities as part of squadron meetings, encampments and field trips and through guest speakers, model building and by actually flying during cadet orientation flights. 

Our Cadets are fortunate to have major Aerospace Education events right in their own back yard. The Sun and Fun Fly-in at Lakeland, MacDil Airfest, our annual Rocketry Bivouac and regularly scheduled Orientation Flights. Cadets attending these activities test their skills by making and launching their own rockets, and receive hands-on experience flying a CAP airplane and glider.

Aerospace For Senior Officers... 

Civil Air Patrol adult members have an elective aerospace education program.  Members may participate in the Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (AEPSM) and earn the Charles E. ‘Chuck' Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award. Seniors may earn the "Technician," "Senior," or" Master" ratings in the 215 Aerospace Education Officer Specialty Training Track. Seniors may use attendance at a National Conference on Aviation and Space Education, attendance at a Region Aerospace Education Conference or preparing an aerospace manuscript for publication, to fulfill certain senior member training program progression requirements.