Patriot's Pin Award won by cadet Smgt. Lawson Hall

 Leesburg - November 2019: The Patriot's Pin Award from the VFW was awarded to one of our cadets, Smgt. Lawson Hall.  He wrote the award winning essay on "What Makes America Great".  

"What Makes America Great”

By Smgt. Lawson Hall


            "Never forget where you came from. Roots are what support us stronger. They hold us up and without roots we could not grow.” -Anonymous. America is a great country. We have freedom, diversity, beautiful sights, and education. We have a great military—Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines—fighting valiantly for our country. We have all these things that we thank God for, and so many more things we take for granted. But are we becoming greater, or are we starting to digress? If we are, then what are we lacking?

Two definitions of the word "great” from are: Unusual or considerable in degree, power, and intensity. A person who has achieved importance or distinction in a field.

I passionately believe that the way to gain true greatness is by exploring history. Today, we are purposely taking out and forgetting history because we don’t want to remember our country’s past mistakes. However, reflecting on America’s History, we see people who fought for freedom. Citizens who helped their neighbors just because they are neighbors, wanting nothing back in return. Willing to sacrifice everything so I can sit here and write this paper. Brave men and women inspiring greatness, not only because of their situation, but because they learned from their errors. If you don’t learn from history, then we go downhill. The famous quote by George Santayana, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, is so incredibly true. Greatness is not a dictatorship; it’s a leadership. What made America great was great men doing great things selflessly. The foundation of America was built off of great men, but is in danger of collapsing for lack of them. So many people want great leaders, but are not willing to be them. 

But hold on, America; there is hope for you yet. We will learn from the men and women of the past and be the heroes of today. We will make the world a better place, not just by hoping, but by doing. All we have to do is study history. 

What makes America great? The people. The people willing to sacrifice everything to make America great. Yes, we have freedom, diversity, beautiful sights, and education. But only when we lay a solid foundation off of the great men and women of our history can we truly be great.