Cadet Tools

Whether you're a brand new C/Amn or a seasoned cadet officer, there is no shortage of opportunities in the CAP Cadet Program.  Below is a link to some important cadet programs resources.
This site provides guidance and tools for cadets at each achievement level of the cadet program.  Simply click on the achievement you're working towards for details and resources.
There is way more to CAP than just the weekly squadron meetings.  This page provides information on activities at all levels of the CAP from local events to encampments to National Cadet Special Activities.
Civil Air Patrol Cadets are eligible for member-exclusive scholarship opportunities.  This page provides details on scholarships available only to you as a CAP cadet.
Encampments are one of the pivotal moments in a CAP cadet's career.  This page provides background on the encampment experience including a detailed overview of encampment curriculum.  Encampments are provided by CAP Region or Wings and encampment dates and details will be provided to cadets by squadron leadership.